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Professional, Reliable And Affordable Property Management Services In Salinas, CA

A Comprehensive Home Solution

To the majority of people, homes are the most valuable of all commodities. Whether you’re trying to rent out a property that you may consider moving back into in the distant future or you’re a prospective resident looking for your first place, we strive to facilitate your journey.

Fostering Business Development

Coast & Valley Properties staff also cater to the needs of professional clients. Understanding that offices and business facilities play integral roles in the ultimate success of the companies they house, we’ve instituted a novel commercial management system that makes it easier to get the legwork out of the way. As a result, our clients can focus on actually running their firms while we attend to the maintenance calls, bill processing and similar miscellanea.

Using Technology to Make Life Easier

When it comes to homes, apartments and other residences, we apply the same diligence we’d employ when dealing with our commercial clients. Our simple property manager portal facilitates easy account reference, so residents can pay bills, submit maintenance tickets and learn about upcoming events from a single uniform source. For the many busy professionals seeking to make their homes in the Monterey County region, the conveniences we offer have proven to be an undeniable boon.

Transform your property experience. No matter where you lie on the ownership spectrum, Coast & Valley Properties will help you ensure your position is a comfortable one. Contact us soon to discover what we can offer you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am ever so grateful for your abilities, skills and kindness! Thank you very much!”

~ Robyn R.

“Amy Salmina is an extremely competent property manager. Her attention to detail is highly admirable. For example, she took numerous pictures of our property before its most recent rental, to ensure that we would have a record of its condition at the time, in the event of a future dispute over responsibility for any subsequent damage.”

~ Richard W.

“I have worked with Amy on numerous projects over the years. She is one of the most reliable people I have ever met. Her work ethic is top notch and I would highly recommend her to anyone who asked!!! Make sure if you give her a call!”

~ Megan Harrod

“Amy is so full of energy and passion for property management. She is fantastic at what she does and is one of the very best. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Darius Livian

“I have done business with Coast and Valley Properties numerous times. I find them to be very professional and on the spot with assistance. I strongly recommend them as a property manager.”

~ Judy Wright