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Landscaping Resources for Property Managers

Beautiful landscaping in gardenAs a property manager, you have the well-being and welfare of the entire premises on your shoulders. Yet no matter how capable you personally may be, it is impossible for you to see to every aspect of the property’s needs first hand. The key to keeping your job as stress-free and rewarding as possible is to compile a list of high quality resources for every aspect of the property’s upkeep. In this short post learn about must-have landscaping resources you should always keep at the ready. (more…)

Pool Maintenance Tips to Pass Your Next Inspection

pool maintenance tipsAt least once a year, the national, federal and local authorities mount assessments on all pools to confirm compliance with the set standards. It is, therefore, of the very essence to make sure that you meet the basic pool standards stipulated to avoid any altercations with the authorities. It is also of utmost importance to safeguard the health of the users of the pool, whether clients or family members. It is very necessary to possess some basic knowledge on pool requirements to pass the annual pool tests. (more…)

Preparing Your Property for the Summer Season

Summer-Season-Property-PreperationSummer is one of the most important seasons when it comes to maintenance on your property. There are a number of things you need to do to ensure your property is in tip-top shape for the summer months.

Check your HVAC system

An A/C unit that goes out in the middle of the summer heat will make things miserable for everyone, and while you can’t totally eliminate that possibility, you can make it a lot less likely by preparing your HVAC unit for summer. (more…)

Property Management Software: Why You Need It

Property Management Software: Why You Need ItToday property managers in many locations benefit clients through the use of sophisticated property management software. As advances in computer technology improve theefficiency of businesses, property managers in greater numbers have developed an awareness of the importance of software products in helping them serve customers. (more…)

How To Encourage Tenants To Pay Rent Online

How To Encourage Tenants To Pay Rent OnlineIn today’s high tech world, modernizing property management duties through the use of online and mobile applications will make your job much easier. If you are contemplating the use of electronic payment services for tenants to pay their monthly rent online,you need to encourage them to do so. (more…)

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Properties

Benefits of Eco-Friendly PropertiesEco-friendly living is becoming more popular. People today realize that there are many benefits that come along with living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Many people today are also looking for properties that implement eco-friendly practices. Being green is a trend that will hopefully be here to stay. Below is a list of some of the ways that properties can be made eco-friendly and how they can benefit tenants: (more…)

Five Ways Property Managers Help Homeowners

Five Ways Property Manager Help HomeownersA property manager can provide tremendous support to homeowners who own one or more rental properties. A quality, professional property manager can improve resident satisfaction and assist homeowners in the business of rental property. Anyone still not convinced that property management is a necessary part of a homeowner’s team should consider these five ways property manager help homeowners. (more…)

Residential Property Management Services | Salinas, CA

Residential Property Management ServicesSalinas lies in a lovely area, just 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It’s a growing, friendly community with opportunities for a lifestyle which anyone would want. Whether you are single or in a family situation, Salinas offers multiple choices for housing. Stay for a day or two in the city to firm up your decision. You’ll come to the conclusion that Salinas is just right for you. (more…)

Commercial Property Management Services | Salinas, CA

Commercial Property Management Services SalinasIf you’re planning to move your business to Salinas, California, then you’re in for a treat. Salinas offers business owners commercial properties that can be leased on a short or long term basis. With a clear view of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find that your day at the office will be as refreshing to the mind as if you were standing near the water. Known primarily for its vast agriculture business sector, Salinas creates the ideal environment for any business to thrive. (more…)

Is Renting Better than Buying?

Rent vs Buying, Salinas, CAThe debate rages on as to whether renting is better than buying. With numerous advantages and disadvantages to each, there is no clear-cut answer. However, the following tips may be helpful in considering the dilemma. (more…)

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